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Julia Adams


Overall A Great Experience!

Overall my experience with Benison Logistics has been great but I couldn’t track my products for a day and I got worried. Don’t know if it was a mistake on their part or my networking error!

Date of Experience: June 8, 2024
David Robertson


Safe & Speedy!

I have a small yet flourished business of canned food items that I’ve recently started to deliver across the USA. Thanks to the safe delivery and speedy service of for making my dream grow bigger.

Date of Experience: May 16, 2024
Liam Alexander


Reliable Logistics Excellence

With seamless operations and timely deliveries, proves reliability at every turn. Their consistent performance and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a trusted partner for us in the industry.

Date of Experience: April 8, 2024
Elena Thomas


Efficient Logistics Service

My experience with Benison Logistics was exceptional. They offer fast delivery and precise tracking. Their staff is experienced in the seamless handling of goods from start to end. I Highly recommend these services for businesses seeking reliable transportation solutions.

Date of Experience: March 14, 2024
Audrey Nilsson


It is easy to transport goods now

If you're a business or an individual who wants to send goods off shore then please go with Benison Logistics. Trust me I am a business person and I need to send consignments internationally almost daily and there is no other than to trust

Date of Experience: February 1, 2024
Thomas Christiansen


Amazing working relationship

I'm happy to report that Benison Logistics and I have had an amazing working relationship. It became clear as soon as we hired their services that dependability and efficiency were the cornerstones of their business.

Date of Experience: January 17, 2024
Maxim Scott


Their team is very professional

Benison Logistics has never failed to provide us with a very reliable and quality service. They deliver goods timely and safely. Their team is very professional and cooperative.

Date of Experience: October 19, 2023
Spencer Stone


It is the best company

It is the best company which we have been using for many years for shipping our goods. Very reliable, trustworthy, and quick. We will continue to call Benison Logistics for the transportation of our goods.

Date of Experience: October 10, 2023
Maya May


Constantly good work!

Constantly good work! Thanks for helping me with shipping my car safely and timely.

Date of Experience: September 7, 2023
Mohammad Hakim


Love it!

Best and cooperative service from the customer support team. They give responses very quickly and politely throughout the journey. Highly satisfied with the service they provided. I run a very small company but they treated me like royals. Love it!

Date of Experience: August 16, 2023
Falak Sher Khan


They were not cooperative.

They delivered my goods on time with the same quality. But I was not happy with their customer support staff. They were not cooperative. I asked them for an update on my goods, but they didn’t respond appropriately.

Date of Experience: August 5, 2023
Johnathan West


Benisonlogistics is a game-changer.

Benisonlogistics is a game-changer. They always make extra efforts to ensure that our goods reach their destination easily and safely. Everyone is professional, well-trained, and very supportive. You guys always provide us with quality service and solve every problem.

Date of Experience: July 17, 2023
Andrew Robert


Best company and service!

I am very happy to find a company that is able to make the stressful process very easy. It made me able to transport my goods very easy and all of my concerns were addressed before I asked. Best company and service!

Date of Experience: July 2, 2023
Randy Holcomb


Benison Logistics has an amazing team.

Benison Logistics has an amazing team. They are very professional and cooperative. They delivered my goods on time and they were also in good condition. They are very hardworking and they have to find solutions when they face any difficult situation.

Date of Experience:
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