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Aurora Yasmine


Considerations for Budget Constraints

I had a good experience with Hays Travel as their services meet my specific needs and preferences. They took the time to understand my interests, budget constraints, and travel goals and then designed customized experiences to ensure a memorable journey for us.

Date of Experience: March 21, 2024
Skylar Madsen


Cost friendly Partner for your trips

My traveling experience was never pocket friendly until HaysTravel came up with their cost friendly packages. Here is the link which you can use to just feed in your budget and they will tell you the locations that you can cover in that budget.

Date of Experience: February 13, 2024
Wyatt Jensen


Seamless Travel Experience

Thanks to haystravel unmatched dedication to delivering flawless and remarkable experiences, my recent trips with them were nothing short of fantastic. Hays Travel handled every aspect with care and accuracy, from the time I arrived at my destination until I left.

Date of Experience: January 26, 2024
Aliya George


Best travel agency in entire region.

It is the best travel agency in entire region. Our travel guide was highly professional and he always dealt us politely.

Date of Experience: November 13, 2023
Tom Watts


Spent best holidays ever.

Me and my wife spent best holidays ever. Sarah, our travel agent fulfilled all the responsibilities honestly. She helped us choose the stay over at fascinating hotel and navigated the best routes of destinations.

Date of Experience: October 10, 2023
Raya Hussain


I really appreciate her kindness..

I had booked my travelling from Hays Travel. Catherine was appointed as my guide. I really appreciate her kindness and professionalism.

Date of Experience: August 29, 2023
Nellie Rogers


Their travel offers and services were fair.

My experience of Hays Travel has been satisfactory since last few years. Their travel offers and services were fair.

Date of Experience: July 2, 2023
Juliette Stone


I had bitterest experience ever.

I had bitterest experience ever. Our travel agent was inexperienced. At many places, we felt our money was being spent carelessly. Also, he was unknown with many locations due to which we had to do our self-efforts.

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